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Welcome to Strengthscope®, one of the world’s leading strengths assessment tools that helps individuals, teams and organisations build greater awareness of their strengths and how these can be used to optimise performance and engagement at work.

We are now letting you know that we will be taking the archive Strengthscope® system offline from 12:00 GMT on 31st December 2019. From this point onwards, you will no longer be able to access the archive system, or any of the information held within it, including any of the reports that were completed using this system. All data held in the archive system will be deleted from this date and will not be recoverable. The current system accessed at will be unaffected by any of these changes.

Please look at the support area on Practitioner Zone for further details.

Strengthscope® will help you understand:

  1. Your personality and performance strengths
  2. The tasks and activities that are most likely to energise you and lead to high levels of engagement
  3. The likely consequences of using your strengths too much, too little or in a way that isn't appropriate for the situation
  4. The extent to which you apply your strengths optimally in the way you approach your work
  5. How visible your strengths are to co-workers and key stakeholders (provided you are doing the multi-rater version of the tool)

The questionnaire will take around 25-30 minutes of your time to complete and should be completed in an environment with as few interruptions and distractions as possible.

To learn more about what Strengthscope® can do for you, your team or organisation, please contact us.

If you are experiencing any problems logging in or need support from the customer services team, please contact

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